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Greenfields Pinnacle School

We celebrate excellence, grits, resilience and most of all, diligent hands.

Why Greenfields Pinnacle school?

Discover the difference we make while protecting the future. It's not just that we have a friendly and caring atmosphere but also a familial, for all to thrive in. We have come to be known as a great learning centre where the joy of learning is being engineered.

Every child truly matters

We are endued with diligence and with that, we go, a child at a time, changing the world just aspiring to filling up the little corners with "Diligent Hands", a step at a time.

Audacity towards greatness

The audacity of little steps will certainly lead to great strides. God has enlarged our steps underneath us so that we make giant strides when it all started out in those little unassuming ideas.

comforting experience

Greenfields is a home away from home, the atmosphere is familial and engaging. Children hardly want to disengage and go home for the day. They just want to enjoy the soothing air that flows all around them.

Our Classes

Greenfields Pinnacle School fans to flames creativity that sparks leadership for the next and even generations unborn. Entry into the Greenfields Pinnacle School system unfolds the familial atmosphere under which dormant skills are developed to optimal diligence levels thus unleashing rule-bearing portals for the leaders, not just of tomorrow but of the now, within their immediate families and outer environment.

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Early Years



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Special Needs

Inspiring their future, Stimulating life-long learning -enroll your child today!

The passion in the teachers is so visible till you can almost touch it. Take care of your choice of school for children and their learning will take care of itself.
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Cups of Coffee

We are empowered by passion and enthusiasm.