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Greenfields Pinnacle - Classes


In the Preschool, toddlers are free to move, imagine, think, and play as a group or individually. They are allowed to explore their environment. The use of real objects in their learning helps train all their senses. Routines are a very important part of their fast-developing minds. We take into consideration their evolving communication skills.


We optimize activities that enhance their memory and imagination through Interactive learning, questioning, hands-on modules and helping them create new ideas. Language skills are better entrenched through words and objects, process learning is emphasized. Complex ideas are illustrated and broken down into real-life examples. The Early Years Children do a lot with classifying and grouping of information. All these deepen their thought processes.


In the Primary Section, the Children are more aware of the outside world and happenings around them. With this in mind, we facilitate their ability to manipulate abstract concepts and think logically. Their eagerness to apply what they know to new situations is a propeller to us to keep equipping them with higher-order thinking skills through open-ended questioning activities.

Special needs

Our Special Needs Class also known as the Great Minds Centre is a love-filled class that bridges learning gaps for children/ persons with special needs and other learners who are struggling in certain areas.
Due to the group of learners, we work with, our teaching is “individualized” so as to cater to the peculiar needs of each child.
We accept learners of different age groups and provide varied intervention packages until they are inclusion-ready. Our aim is to nurture independent individuals fully equipped to provide their own quota to the society at large as they grow and develop.

Inspiring their future, Stimulating life-long learning -enroll your child today!

The passion in the teachers is so visible till you can almost touch it. Take care of your choice of school for children and their learning will take care of itself.